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Joyce Stratton a former elementary school teacher is self taught in wide variety of arts and crafts. Joyce does stained glass, prints from her original watercolors of local landscapes. She also does handmade lampshades, acrylic jellyfish ornaments and is constantly producing new craft items.


Nautical Clocks
Joyce Stratton uses reproductions of the following nautical charts as the background for these wall clocks.
Woods Hole
Monument Beach
Falmouth Harbor
West Falmouth
Please call to find out which are currently available.

Handmade Lampshade
These unigue watercolor on rice paper lampshades of marine life & floral designs are by Joyce Stratton. The lamp base color is determined by the best match that goes with the shade. Please call the store when ordering indicating which design you would like.


Leptomedusae (related to hydras)

Limulus (horseshoe crabs)



Semaeostomae 1

Semaeostomae 2

Mixed Flowers

Pitcher Plant


Semaeostomae 3

Siphonophora (class of hydra)

Jellyfish Suncatchers
Jolly Jazzy Jellyfish Ornaments by Joyce Stratton. Each one is shaped in acrylic then handpainted. They are either all clear, yellow-orange or blue-greens. The tentacles are of glass beads & semi-precious stones. No two will be alike. Please call the store to indicate your preference and for prices.


Bronze Horseshoe Crab Paperweights
One of the oldest denizens of the deep and the coast, the horseshoe crab's blue blood is now being used for medicinal purposes. These solid bronze horseshoe crab paperweights are a perfect gift and reminder of Cape Cod beaches. Using a horseshoe crab molt a mold is made then these paperweights are cast by the lost wax casting method.
Horseshoe Crab 2 x 4 (inches)


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